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4. Build Your Own Bag

4. Build Your Own Bag

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Meet our handmade build a bag beaded purse

The perfect canvas for your unique style. Mix, match, and let your creativity run wild as you customise the colours of the body, flap, and strap. Express yourself effortlessly with a bag that's as individual as you are. Crafted with love and beads, it's the perfect blend of chic and chill. So easy to dress up with a cute dress or works just as well with a pair of jeans for a coffee run.

Check out our fixed Iso Trap Purses if you’re looking for something that is all one colour and already fixed together.

Please contact me to let me know which colour combination you would like. Alternatively, you can make your own selections through my Etsy page without having to contact me.

Strap 48cm
Width 11.5cm
Long Length 26.5cm
Short Length 14.5cm
Depth 2.5cm

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