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Boxy Beaded Multicoloured Bag

Boxy Beaded Multicoloured Bag

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A boxy handmade beaded bag

If you are looking for a way to introduce some colour into your wardrobe then this bag is a great place to start. With so many colours weaved into one bag, there are endless outfit combination opportunities. Whether it is a cute day out or a fun brunch with the girls, this bag is sure to hold more than just the essentials. It comes with a drawstring pouch that doubles up as a dust bag and an inner pouch.

Due to the nature of this design, the item you receive may not be the exact same as the one pictured. Beads are chosen at random to create the multicoloured aspect of this beaded product.

Length 18cm
Width 15cm
Depth 6.5cm
Handles (outer measurement) 23cm
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